Cologne South Asian Languages and Texts

About C-SALT

Cologne South Asian Languages and Texts (C-SALT) provides an overview of projects and digital resources related to South Asian languages, texts, and culture at the University of Cologne. C-SALT coordinates the activity of these projects and supports their sustainable development.

Projects and Resources

Cologne Sanskrit Lexicon

The Cologne Sanskrit Lexicon (CSL) is the largest lexical resource for Sanskrit. It provides digitized editions of 36 dictionaries and encyclopaedias.

Partners: Cologne Sanskrit Lexicon community, DCH

Contact: via GitHub or info-dch[at]uni-koeln.de

TEI Cologne Sanskrit Lexicon

The TEI Cologne Sanskrit Lexicon is a TEI encoded edition of three of the most important Sanskrit dictionaries. The TEI CSL was part of the LAZARUS project. It unifies the markup of three dictionaries into one TEI based format and provides an interface that allowed the simultaneous search of all three dictionaries.

Partners: CCeH, DCH

Contact: info-cceh[at]uni-koeln.de

Critical Pāli Dictionary Online

Critical Pāli Dictionary Online is the online edition of the Pāli Text Society’s Critical Pāli Dictionary (CPD). The CPD is the most detailed lexical resource for the Pāli language, covering the letters A-Kā.

Partners: Pāli Text Society, CCeH, DCH

Contact: cpd-contact[at]uni-koeln.de


VedaWeb is a virtual research environment for the linguistic and textual research of the Rigveda (and further texts). The Rigveda is made accessible in morphologically annotated form, with translations, and with words linked to lexical entries in the TEI Cologne Sanskrit Lexicon. Estimated launch: early 2019.

Partners: Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft, Historisch-Vergleichende Sprachwissenschaft, Sprachliche Informationsverarbeitung - Institut für Linguistik, Universität zu Köln; CCeH

Primary Cooperation Partner: Institut für Vergleichende Sprachwissenschaft, Universität Zürich

C-SALT APIs for Dictionaries

The C-SALT APIs for dictionaries provide state-of-the-art access to some of the most important lexical resources hosted at the University of Cologne.

C-SALT Dictionaries TEI-XML Schema

C-SALT dictionaries conform to a common TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) schema. It's openly documented and developed in a public repository.

C-SALT supporters

The C-SALT portal is a joint endeavour of the Cologne Centre for eHumanities (CCeH), the Data Center for the Humanities (DCH), the Department of South Asia and Southeast Asia Studies (Indology and Tamil studies), and the Department of Linguistics – Linguistic Information Processing, General Lingustics, and Historical Comparative Linguistics.