Nuristani Archive Cologne

Nuristani Archive Cologne

The Nuristani Archive Cologne (NurAC) collects, preserves, and presents audio data and texts from Nuristani languages, a group of related languages of the Indo-Iranian branch of Indo-European spoken mostly in eastern Afghanistan and to a lesser extent in Northern Pakistan.

More details on data to be hosted at NurAC: Presentation at the Nuristani workshop, Cologne, November 2019 [pdf]


Waigali-Recordings in the Language Archive Cologne

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Nuristani Bibliography

A bibliography containing works on language, culture and history of Nuristan and neighbouring regions

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The following list contains important resources on Nuristan already available online

Richard Strand's comprehensive site on Nuristani:

Indiana Center for Language Technology: 3 Kalasha-Ala tape recordings:

Lyon, Musée des Confluences: archives of Loude and Lièvre:

Phonogrammarchiv, Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, including recordings of Nuristani languages:

National Library of Norway, Morgenstierne site:

The Morgenstierne archive at the Norwegian National Library contains otherwise unpublished language notes on Nuristani and other Afghan and Hindu Kush languages. An overview of the catalog and a continuously growing number of digitized materials can be accessed by searching the database. Select "Ms.fol." in the drop-down menu "Signaturserie" and enter 4201 into the field "Hovednummer", then click "Send".